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The Irish Drum Center Presents...

The East Coasters


Wednesday, October 11, 2023


Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment

Studio #1047, First Floor North

2211 Seminole Drive SW

Huntsville, AL 35805

The East Coasters are Madeline Dierauf, Richard Osban, and Calum Bell, a group of young Irish musicians from the East coast of the US whose sound and arrangements are a rich blend of the music in their local communities.

Madeline Dierauf is from Western North Carolina, and began playing Irish music under the tutelage of Asheville’s Beanie O’Dell before quickly becoming immersed in Atlanta’s Irish music scene. Her music has taken her to many stages, from Wilkesboro's Merlefest to IrishFest Atlanta and the Atlanta St. Patrick's Day Parade.  Her sensitive and thoughtful approach to the tunes and harmonies is a cornerstone of the band’s unique sound.

Richard Osban is a driving and dynamic guitarist based in Baltimore, Maryland.  He cut his teeth on Irish music while living in Europe, and toured internationally with several Irish and Scottish music projects before returning to the US.  He has performed on festival stages and been an instructor at many teaching festivals both in Europe and the US, and his deliberate approach to harmony reinforces and underpins the band’s groove.

Calum Bell is a multi-instrumentalist who has been performing on New England stages since the age of seven, when he started touring with the Bell Family Band, and he can be found today playing six nights a week at venues in and around his native Boston.  He brings a mastery far beyond his years to the Irish fiddle and flute, and regularly tours with international Irish music and dance shows in the US and Europe. His innovative approach to the music combines syncopation and creative harmonies with a deep respect for the tradition.

Hear them here:

Tickets: 21.50 (+5.5% Sales Tax)

$22.68 Total ea.




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